Why Zoo?

Adding value to the Brand Communication process

Everything we do at ZOO is purely about one thing – delivering your message clearly & consistently to your audience.

We combine creativity, innovation and leading technology to deliver impactful, visual brand solutions to all our clients, again and again.

Consultation & Design?

Provide us with a brief and we’ll run with it, or pick our brains for advice and we’ll happily give it.

We know this business, and we know what provides the most value added whilst producing a great ROI.

A design agency? Partner with us to fulfill your client’s requirements and deliver over and above expectations. After all, if they look good, you look good.


Utilising world-class technology and techniques, most of our manufacturing is done on site with us. With an abnormally high level of attention to detail, we like to keep our eye on everything, making sure we get it right each and every time.

Some might call us perfectionists…


Whether it’s a simple delivery or a complex on site installation, we treat each job the same. With professionalism, efficiency and care.

In our opinion a job isn’t complete until our client is happy and if that means staying a little later, then that’s what we’ll do.

Our fitters are highly skilled, highly qualified and insured to use a wide range of equipment to get the job done.