Building Signs

For many of our customers, the initial project stages are often the hardest to manage as it is difficult knowing what is feasible with regards signage and graphics. It is at this stage they involve us. We will work alongside you on a consultation basis and even attend site surveys to help develop the project through to the final installation.

All our signs are bespoke and based on your requirements. As such costs will vary depending on position, size and material. We are able to produce a sign for any budget and are happy to make recommendations during the quoting stage based on our experience and will provide a full breakdown of costs.

There are a number of factors we consider when recommending materials including position, size, durability and visual impact. We know what works best and use a variety of materials for manufacturing. We are happy to advise accordingly but a brief explanation is given on our External Signs page .

The simple answer is no. All we will need to see is a copy of your existing logo, if you this is unavailable, we also offer a logo design service. We can then provide you with a quotation based on our initial conversations. Once the costs are approved, we offer a full in house design and layout service and will supply a full colour proof for your review.

We are happy to carry out site surveys to ensure your new sign meets your expectations. During this process, we will offer advice and recommendations and chat through the options available.

This is dependent on a number of factors and we are happy to advise accordingly. If required we are happy to help with applications.

We will generally break down your quotation to offer a supply only and a full supply and installation service. We have an experienced team of qualified installers who are able to carry out both high and low level installations.

Generally, yes. Assuming the existing sign will fit on the new building and is in good condition, we are happy to remove and reinstall your existing signage. There are a number of factors to consider when doing this including (but not limited to): The age and condition of the existing signage, the fixing method currently used, the colours/material of the existing/proposed site and the scale of the building. People often move buildings due to expansion or downsizing. In these instances it is often more successful to design and manufacture the new sign to be in-keeping with the new building. Either way, we are happy to recommend the best course of action and will never recommend a new sign if it is more cost effective to reuse what you already have in place.

This is a good question and one we get asked a lot. The answer depends on what type of sign it is, how old it is and how the graphics have been applied. If it is a relatively new, well-made sign with flat vinyl graphics on it, then there is a good chance we can strip these and reapply your own company branding. If it has any form of 3 dimensional text/logos or any physical fixings in the face, then these will leave holes when we remove them. It is best to Contact Us first and we are happy to recommend the best route forward.

Of course. All our building signage can be lit very easily with industry standard lighting solutions. From overhead illumination to fully integrated LED technology we can enhance your new signage to ensure it is eye-catching and stands you apart from the competition.

This will depend on the site survey and we are happy to advise accordingly. If an electrician is required, we are happy to recommend local electricians.

Design and Artwork

We certainly can. We work alongside a large selection of design agencies who supply us with print ready artwork. For standard items, we have a templates download section to ensure compatibility.

Yes. Once your job has been confirmed and we have the information required, we will create an artwork proof for your comments and approval. Only when you are 100% happy with the layout will we begin manufacture/application.

If you need a vector logo but don't have one, as long as we have a printed version or a JPEG of your existing logo, we offer a logo recreation service and will email a vector logo to you for future use. We are happy to advise costs on sight of your current logo.

Your corporate identity logo is the first impression that your customers will get about your company and we would always recommend this as the starting point for any design work. We offer a full in-house design service to ensure you have an identity that has character and reflects your business. Once the project is completed, this artwork is then yours to own.


Pull up banners are freestanding displays that are held within a sprung loaded roller cassette and come complete with padded carry case. These can then be erected in a matter of seconds to provide a quick and easy display between 800 and 1500mm wide.

Pop Up displays are generally termed as being 3x3 or 3 x4, straight or curved systems. They consist of a concertina framework that packs into a plastic wheeled transit case and includes magnetic panels for quick and easy erection at your exhibition. They also include lighting and a case conversion kit.

Yes. We can either supply lightweight graphic panels to mount directly to the walls or recommend a freestanding system for a more adaptable layout.

No. They use different width and height panels and different depth posts. We have dealt with the vast majority of them and are happy to deal directly with the show organisers to ensure we have all the information we need to produce your display.

We use the Crosswire which is a portable, reconfigurable exhibition and display system consisting of simple, bolt together elements onto which your graphics are mounted. Visit our Exhibitions page for more information.

Yes. We can either supply print for an existing stand or we can work alongside your designers to produce a bespoke stand to compliment your existing branding.

If you have a need for literature stands, shelving systems, counters etc., then just let us know and we can incorporate these into your package.

Flags and Banners

Yes we do. We can supply custom designed feather flags, tear drop flags and standard flags. These are great for raising your profile and work particularly well at promotional events.

We offer a variety of bases for these including; Ground spikes (for soft ground), Parasol base (for hard standing) and a drive on base (suitable for car showrooms). They all come with a ball bearing system to ensure they are displayed regardless of wind direction.

Our flags are printed on one side with a mirror image being on the reverse. Due to the nature of flag material, it needs to be lightweight to ensure the flag flies well. We have generally found in the past that even with the mirror image, your branding and text is still recognisable.

No, these are all custom made. Of course, if you need them to be a standard size, that?s fine but if you have a specific area to cover, then we can manufacture them to suit.

No. We can manufacture banners from a couple of feet wide to literally any size!

As with all our signage, we are happy to offer a full installation service which is recommended if your banner is particularly large or being mounted at a high level. However, all of our banners come with hems and eyelets as standard which makes them very easy for you to install to fences or buildings as a temporary feature. If you would like a quote for installation, just let us know and we are happy to supply a quote.

We can supply pockets top and bottom and all fixings required for suspended banners. This is particularly useful internally and generally used in large foyers, sports halls and atriums. Please contact us if you would like a quote for installation of this option.

Vehicle Graphics

Most clients choose to apply graphics to their vehicles using the vehicle colour as the background. This can incorporate details such as logo, information and contact details. Full or partial wraps change the appearance of the vehicle or allow for fantastic images and designs.

We only specify high quality vehicle grade vinyl with a manufacturers guarantee of 7 to 10 years. Unlike cheaper products they wont, peel, shrink or fade. For full colour digital print we apply a protective clear overlaminate to ensure maximum durability.

All our products are designed to be removed without trace.

We would always recommend notifying your insurance company if making any changes to your vehicle, however the addition of vehicle graphics is unlikely to adversely affect your premium. In fact some Insurance companies actively encourage branding commercial vehicles, as statistically, making them more distinctive will deter vehicle theft.

To prolong the life of your new graphics we recommend hand washing your vehicle as normal pressure washers can be used with care, but we normally suggest avoiding mechanical car washes.

With standard graphics its relatively straight forward to strip and replace just one section. If future changes are likely we can usually make allowances at the design stage.

Normally the installation will be completed in a single day, but a complex full wrap may take a little longer.

Absolutely not! The same process works equally well on boats, trains, planes, fridges, coffins, in fact pretty much anything with a smooth clean surface. We have many diverse customers and love unusual projects.

By covering the entire vehicle in vinyl, it is the DVLA's view that the colour change should be recorded. To notify them, you need to complete section 7 of the registration form V5C and return this to DVLA Swansea SA99 1BA. You should recieve a replacement certificate within 2-4 weeks.

Graphics can be safely applied to factory finish paintwork for many years, and removed without damage to the vehicle.

In fact graphics are sometimes added to protect the original finish from stone chips and scratches. On some older vehicles, or vehicles which have been refinished, you may find that on removal of the graphics a faint 'ghost image' is still visible. This is due to the vinyl protecting the underlying paint, whilst the exposed areas are exposed to normal wear and tear, paint oxidation and UV damage. With modern paint technology this is now very rare, but if required the original high gloss finish can be restored with a mild cutting compound such as 'T-cut'.

Wall Wraps

As the name suggest, this is the process by which we apply a custom printed material to your wall -effectively like wallpaper. It can take the form of company branding, large format images or promotional literature.

Of course. We can apply a specialist sheet material that allows you to use magnets on the wall. This is particularly useful for conference rooms or meeting areas.

Our standard wall wrap material isn't suitable for whiteboard pens however we can apply a whiteboard specific vinyl to the areas required to create a customisable area that can be used time and again. This is particularly useful for meeting areas.

Generally, as long as the current wall is well finished, the printed material can be applied directly over wallpaper or paint. We recommend the painted finish is either gloss or satin to ensure a successful application. The material will conform to any imperfection on the wall ? this can often enhance the graphic as it makes the graphics appear painted however any screw holes or damage will need to be rectified prior to our application. Any filler used will need to be sealed or painted prior to our arrival.

Depending on air temperature and conditions, we recommend any fresh paint is left to dry for at least 7 days prior to our arrival on site.

Our installation team will check over the wall for the tell-tale high points and ?bits? that are picked up by rollers and remove any that they feel will detract from the graphic.

Yes we can. We use a specific material which has an ultra-high bond and is suitable for the naturally uneven surface for brickwork and produces stunning results.

Not necessarily. If you have a design ready to go, we are happy to work with this and print from the supplied artwork. Alternatively, we can work with you to create a dynamic and professional display.

All our materials are designed to be high bond for durability. Due to the nature of painted walls and depending on how well the surface was prepared prior to painting, the graphics may remove some of the paint during removal.

Window Graphics

These are the same thing - It is simply a different terminology. They are both the same process of applying vinyl to glass.

The simple answer is yes, we can either profile cut vinyl to leave your logo standing alone on the glass or remove your logo to leave a clear reveal in solid etch. Likewise we can integrate your logo and identity a design to create an eye-catching display.

We can indeed. Either using an element of your logo or a custom design, we can give your office a professional and corporate feel whilst offering as much privacy or feeling of space you require.

Yes. We can either apply a full blockout print to the glass to improve privacy or we can print onto a clear or frosted material for a more subtle effect.

Yes. All our films are designed to be high bond for durability, they are fully removable.

If you are having a problem with hot rooms in your building, we can install a solar film on the windows. With up to 79% of solar energy (heat) reflected this is often the most successful method of keeping rooms cooler.

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