Cars that love to play dress up


We all know that the Summer is a prime festival season, and car shows are no exception. The end of August saw the last weekend-long motor events of the Summer, Beaulieu Supercar Weekend and Carfest South, take place in Hampshire. From the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June to the Silverstone Classic in July, events such as this are an ideal showcase of how cars can be dressed up for an occasion.The scope of vehicles on display as part of a motorsport event is vast, from the classic to the super to the niche.  As car design has evolved, it’s tempting to focus on technological and engineering advances and to forget the skill, techniques and vision that go into the colours and graphics that exist on the body of a car.  A key development over the last twenty years is how advances in materials and production have made changing the surface appearance of your vehicle so easy and affordable.

F1 Fancies

Visitors to Carfest will have had the chance to view historic F1 cars as they are displayed to reflect the passage of time. F1 style graphics are a bit garish for some, and often considered the domain of boy racers, but when vinyl graphics are so easily removable, it’s tempting to have a bit of fun if the occasion permits!

Festival Branding

It’s easy to sign and brand vehicles temporarily for a large scale event. The smooth running of a site will rely upon clear messages being displayed so it will be no surprise that temporary vinyl graphics pop up on featured cars. It’s not just vehicles of course; an event needs directional, informative, advertising and show signage. It’s something that we tend to notice when we’re out and about since we deal with it every day!

Flashy Wheels

In many ways a catwalk for vehicles, shows are an ideal chance to boast the visual sumptuousness of the supercar. The Beaulieu Supercar Weekend even holds a photography competition after the event, with the glamour of the car firmly centre stage. Vinyl wrapping is a technique that offers a high-quality non-permanent finish that can be cleanly removed or changed without affecting the vehicle’s paintwork. Not only is it a cost-effective method to change your vehicle colour, wrapping can also help to maintain the value of your vehicle by protecting the original paintwork from light scratches, scuffs and swirl marks. If applied and maintained correctly, a professional vinyl vehicle wrap could last several years without fading.

Vintage Varieties

Even when an event isn’t specifically tailored to the veteran vehicle, as we see at the Silverstone Classic, the vintage car will normally have some role to play. Motorsport at the Palace which kicks off the season in May celebrates cars of all eras, and subsequently the graphics that adorn them. Purists may see vinyl graphics as the CD to the vinyl record, and look back fondly upon the lost art of hand graphic painting. It is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring skill, boasting not only artistic finesse but also a mathematical eye that can work around unusual angles. Although not a method that is viable for modern commercial fleets or those looking for more cost effective solutions, it is an art that is ideally viewed on accurately maintained classic racing cars.

Immersing yourself in motorsport, whether for a whole weekend or just for a few hours, can really demonstrate the potential visual impact of which cars are capable. If vehicles as a medium can provide enough entertainment for these weekend-long festivals, then imagine how much impact using your vehicle to advertise your business could have!