New Business Sign Installation

As a new business owner you want to create a whole new image and the first impression you make is an important aspect of your sales and marketing – highlighting your business on the street and enticing new customers in.

A few important points to think of before you take the plunge with your signage:

  • Logo and branding – each and every sign should ideally have a company logo or image, branding in line with any other marketing material produced, and also any colour schemes that are used should be consistent.
  • Clean and simple – make sure that the signage will be seen from a distance, and don’t try to be too excessive or add in too much text as it will detract from your business name or service.
  • Placement – where will your new sign be placed? Will it be ground mounted or building mounted? Think about the surrounding space and how you can make best use of it.
  • Go bold. With a clean and simple sign, logo and branding, you can begin to experiment with the variety of signage styles available to you

Once you have decided on the direction you want to take with your new company branding, the next stage is to decide what style sign you would need, whilst complimenting the current surroundings of your new shop. There are various options available to you, listed below:

  • Flat panels
  • Vinyl Cut graphics
  • Acrylic Letters
  • Built up letters
  • Folded Aluminium sign trays
  • Projecting Sign

Case Study – Okomoko

One of our most recent installations is a great example of how shop signage can stand out with a simple yet an effective logo, and the choice of signage compliments the new business location. In this case a ‘Projecting Sign’ is used to hang the company logo above the shop, which is then continued through inside the shop with vinyl cut graphics on the serving area. They also installed a mixture of graphic styles on a pre-painted shop fascia. The company name is 5mm flat cut black acrylic letters and the information of the company is simply printed black vinyl cut graphics applied to the fascia.


How can we help you?

With an infinite number of ways to create your shop signage, Zoo Signs is able to discuss your designs in detail and provide appropriate options for you. Our excellent service delivery ensures that we see your sign through to production as well as installation, should you require it.

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