All the Fun of the Fair

exhibitions2Signposting your stall at an industry event is a bit like realising the age-old adage of the needle in a haystack. A great big hall, warehouse or arena full to bursting with bright colours, shiny bits of plastic and silly novelty items, all designed to entice new business like a big fat worm on a hook. The lighting is brash, the sound levels high, the competition fierce. So how on earth does your business stick out from all the other exhibition stands?  Well, let’s imagine the day from the stand’s point of view – after all it sits there all day long with not so much as a coffee break…


We’re open! Wow, everyone looks so keen and fresh!  Eek, I hope all the humans like me.  I’m definitely classier than those other stands… my branding is clear and all my colours are harmonious and nicely toned. Next door look like a rainbow exploded.


Tea break. All the humans are holding coffee. I’m glad I’ve got some practical literature storage that makes it easy for them to pick up information with their only free hand…


Halfway through the day. Lots of the humans seem to be admiring my crosswire backdrop. It’s really modern and frames our images beautifully. My humans have rearranged my pull up banners to give us a fresh look which seems to be attracting a bit more attention from those tired looking people who I’ve seen pass by a few times.


Break again. Crikey they drink a lot of coffee don’t they… We’re looking for a last hoorah before the end of the day and the humans seem to be on a mission to gather as much stuff as possible before they make an exit. Luckily we used plinths to put our novelty branded gifts right by the walkway.


Winding down now, and soon it’ll be time for me to get back in my box thanks goodness – I’ve been up all day you know! I’m designed to be so portable that I’ll be packed up in the van before you know it, in time for my humans to go and relax in the pub after such a long day on their feet.

pull-up-economy_2OK it’s a bit daft, but I think we’ve learnt a few things here. It’s important to have a stand that can evolve throughout the day to reflect the stage of the event and the mood that your potential clients are likely to be in.  Achieve this with lightweight pull up banners. Grabbing attention with both hands is obviously desired, but when an entire room is trying to do the same thing, garish colours for your panels don’t always win the day. Look at dimensions, height and textures. Crosswire stands and towers are a flexible solution that can create height, where digitally printed mesh banners add dimensions of light and texture.  Keep your literature, samples and marketing products easily accessible for those in a rush, whilst enticing others to your stand to chat further. Lastly, when the day is done, we all want to be out of there ASAP, so the best solutions are those that pop up easily at the start and pop down easily at the end of the day.

So, when you’re next thinking of embarking on an adventure in corporate or trade events why not take the radical step of finding ideas by looking at it all from your stand’s point of view? If doing this makes you feel a bit silly, then we will happily do that bit for you!