Future trends of Signage

about_us_signage_2_4_1Looking forward over the next 12 months through 2016, it is clear to see there are some very definite trends that are emerging in the way that Businesses are starting to communicate their messages to their customers. Below are our Top Trends that we at ZOO are predicting:

Size Matters

At Zoo we have recently seen a move towards customers opting for lightweight, slimmer signage. Not only are these options easier to install, but also they are sleek, stylish and impactful.

inside-built-upIt’s all in the Lighting

LED Signage is becoming more and more popular in our installations, in fact 95% of our Fascia signs are LED. They are a great cost effective solution for all businesses, due to their energy efficiency savings, low maintenance requirements and ease of installation. Not only that that they also give a great consistency of brightness and uniformity of light. Refurbishing existing signs by replacing fluorescent tubes with LEDs is also something that is being requested more and more, and of course, we are happy to assist.

In keeping with the surroundings

Town councils are now being much stricter on signage installed on the high street, or historical buildings. There is a genuine trend emerging, driven by the desire from business owners to ensure that any external signage is in keeping with the period of a building. This means the sign design and colour scheme needs to be sympathetic to the architecture and mouldings of the building it’s attached to. Sounds daunting? Don’t worry this is something that we are more than happy to consult and advise on!

flexi-midiDigital, Digital, Digital

Of course the biggest trend, like every thing else these days is a technological one. Digital signage is big, big news, and puts the customer experience firmly in the forefront. Technology is enabling interaction, with the increasing use of multi-touch and multi-user screens, or taking it one step further touchless screens that are activated by hand movements or the user’s voice. Link them to Wi-Fi, Social media and the user’s mobile phone for real-time interaction and it gets really Sci-Fi.

The benefit of utilising this sort of technology means that the user is getting a really personal experience, and is engaging with your business from the minute go. Personalising the information displayed according to the time of day, the weather or an event that is happening at that time is easy to do and requires little more than some backend planning.

Take it a step further and introduce some content triggers, that is, if certain user scenarios happen then different information is displayed that is appropriate only to that user at that time.

Whether it is a sign refurbishment or a digital implementation that you are considering now or in the future, we at ZOO are always happy to advise on the most appropriate, cost-effective solution, taking into account your budget, location and communication requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation, we’d love to help!