The Illuminati:

Why your sign needs light

As the months of Autumn start to loom heavy on the horizon and the nights begin drawing in, those businesses who have implemented illuminated signage are reaping the benefits. Signage that features lighting helps a business to stand out no matter how much daylight is filtering through.  With increased options and styles being developed there’s something out there for any line of business and any budget.

The choice is great, but when there is so much out there it is hard to know which option is right for your circumstances. However, you simply need to ask yourself the question – what’s most important to your business?

20160127_075554Energy Efficiency

LED-based lighting has revolutionised illuminated signage.  In fact, LED technology will feature in most lit sign solutions due to its flexibility, low environmental impact and long lasting power; saving not only energy but cost.

Grabbing Attention

Neon signage now excites a nostalgic feel of the 50’s or 60’s and has cast aside its old connotations of the tacky and down at heel. This signage is both an example of glass bending artistry and a chemistry lesson of gas and phosphor reactions, this is a most complex and engaging form of illuminated signage. With up to 100 colours out there and a lifespan reaching up to 50 years, neon lighting is just the thing for those seeking an impact.

Making a Change

Constructing a full lightbox for your signage is an option that offers a complete change in your shop front or display. With size at your discretion, you can create a design that includes brand name, images and contact details, offering a 24-hour display of information available for your customers.

Freshening Up

If you’re looking to refresh your premises or company appearance while on a budget, maintaining your current signage but adding a light trough across the top can give your sign that much-needed illumination and lift. Not to mention the benefits of keeping the budget to a minimum.


The channel lettering form of signage illuminates the letters of your corporate name either on the face of the wording itself or by surrounding the letters in light – much like a halo. By focussing light purely on the business name, the illuminated lettering underlines your branding. You can decide which method of illumination fits and represents your branding in the most appropriate way.

2015-12-11-13-58-58Retro Feel

There are many ways to use signage to create a vintage mood. Utilise a light box design with overlaid text to create a look reminiscent of classic cinema lettering. A fashionable look, this signage can be temporary if required.

Window Shopping

Estate agents and other premises who see clients browsing at their windows all through the day and night need a method of framing their products and services.  Light pockets are the answer here. Information can be framed in small areas and clients guided to what they need to see.

2015-12-11-14-23-11Image Conscious

When you want to convey more than words, use a backlit sign to illuminate an image instead of, or as well as, your company name. Remembering that an image or logo is processed by the brain 600 times quicker than text, designing a lit sign to feature a pictorial device will tap into the visual appeal that an image holds to the human brain.

Whatever your target, there is an illuminated sign style to suit you. When you live in the UK a quarter of the year finds sunset falling before the hour of 5pm so displaying your brand as a beacon in the dark is a vital benefit to business and makes total commercial sense.  Especially when there are so many ways to do it!