What does colour say about your brand?

02f46223Not only is it the very first thing that a customer will notice about your logo, but, making the wrong colour decision at an early stage could potentially cost you lost sales in the future. Colours immediately have an effect on the way that us Human Beings feel, whether we are aware of it or not. Warmer colours like Red, Yellow, Orange and Black make us feel energized, whilst the cooler colours such as Purple, Blue, Green and Brown give us a feeling of calm and security. Try to think about what industry you operate in and how you want your customers to feel. Depending on which industry sector your business falls into, will determine what colours might be more suitable. For example Black and its connotations with death are probably not a great choice for a Healthcare company, whereas Blue, which exudes a feeling of trust and responsibility, are probably far more apt. Let us take you through some of the more popular colour choices by the world’s top brands and tell you a bit more about what they do to us as customers?


A sunny warm colour that emits feelings of creativity, hope and energy.  Therefore, naturally it’s a good choice for energy companies and businesses serving households, but not so popular for those offering financial services or travel companies.


A provocative colour that makes you feel passionate, energetic and captures immediate attention. Good for the Food industry and Technology companies.


The most popular choice for branding, Blue makes people feel comfortable, that they can trust you and you are a responsible organisation. A great choice for the Travel industry and Financial Institutions,not chosen so much by Food and drink businesses.


Oozing sophistication and expense, Black can make people associate prestige and value to your company. It’s a popular choice for clothing brands and the automotive industry, less popular for Travel companies and the energy industry.

Of course choosing the colour is only the first step. What is also important is making sure that your chosen colour(s) are integrated into all your marketing tools consistently. That means that your logo, landing page, product packaging and of course your signage all need to be integrated to ensure that you achieve the maximum impact possible. You can read more here about the importance of brand consistency in one of our earlier articles.

It goes without saying that we are always happy to advise on how you can integrate your corporate colour scheme into your visual brand communications. Contact us at Zoo and we’ll happily provide any assistance that you may need!